Benefits of Membership include:

  • Access to a network of leaders in the field
  • Input and support of an active legislative committee
  • Support of a full-time, high profiled registered lobbyist to assist in overseeing, protecting and advancing the needs of the aesthetic physician and community
  • Discounted registration to the annual SCALE (Society for Advanced Cosmetic and Laser Surgery) Meeting in Nashville
  • Invitation to VIP cocktail reception during SCALE

Membership Dues:

MD/DO $150.00
NP/PA/RN $75.00
Office Staff/Aesthetician $50.00
Resident/Fellow Waived
Retired Professional $50
Professional Affiliate $200


I recognize that membership in the TN Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to and governed by the Society’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations, Code of Ethics, and other rules the TN Society may adopt. If accepted as a member of the TN Society, I agree to abide by its rule and recognize the importance of the TN Society’s ability to investigate the qualifications of the applicants for membership and maintain standards of conduct for it s members. The TN Society must be able to perform its investigatory and disciplinary functions without fear of litigation by rejected applicants or disciplined members. I consent to any investigation the facts disclosed in this application, to any disciplinary investigation during my membership in the TN Society, and to any statements made in the application or discipline process, by whomever made and whether defamatory or not. In return for consideration of my application, I consent to the TN Society inviting and receiving information and comments about me from any member or other person, and I agree that any information and comment furnished to the TN Society in response to such an invitation shall be conclusively deemed confidential and privileged, and I waive any claim or course of action and release the TN Society, its members, directors, officers, or agents and any person furnishing information or comment in response to an invitation from the TN Society for any damage or liability by reason of any action any of them may take in connections with this application.

If elected to membership in the TN Society, I further waive any claim or cause of action and the TN Society, its members, directors, officers, Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee members, agents or any person reporting, furnishing information or commenting about in connection with any disciplinary action of the TN Society.

For questions, contact Karen Dennis or call 781-793-0088.

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