SCALE is pleased to present, for the first time, a Human Cadaver Facial Dissection Workshop.  This exciting workshop offers clinicians the ability to view 3-dimensional anatomic structures that are complicated to envision in their proper spacial orientation as well as understand surgical and nerve anatomy as it relates to neurotoxin and dermal filler injections.

The 4-hour CME program is a combined anatomy and injection presentation.  Attendees will be taught how to identify craniofacial skeletal aging as well as the differential aging of fat compartments.  Formal instruction will be offered in the evolving methodology of injecting neurotoxin and dermal fillers to recreate a youthful face with natural boundaries.

In the first hour, faculty plastic surgeons will present the following anatomy on previously prosected specimens, with a specific focus on anatomical ‘danger’ zones and neurovascular structures to avoid:

  1. forehead/glabellar
  2. temples
  3. fat compartments/cheeks
  4. facial artery, perioral, lips
  5. nose
  6. tear trough
  7. submental

Immediately following the cadaver demonstration, actual patients will be injected on stage.  Product-specific injection techniques will be addressed including recommended uses as well as lesser-known cosmetic applications.  Utilizing multiple camera angles and presented on 2 screens in High Definition, attendees will have the unique opportunity to immediately correlate the pre- and post- injection appearance of the live patient with the exact anatomic location of where the product should be positioned, as shown on the cadaver simultaneously.

During the last 45 – 60 minutes of the Workshop, attendees will be able to participate hands-on.  Utilizing small groups, the faculty will address individual participant questions in a hands-on setting, allowing the participants (wearing gloves and gowns) to probe and explore the prosected specimens under faculty guidance.  In this environment, participants will be better able to observe the subtle and overt differences in facial anatomy and muscle structure; variations they are likely to observe in their own practices.

 Registration is required to attend The Human Cadaver Facial Dissection Workshop, and space is limited.  You can add this session when you register for the meeting; use the button below to register.

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