The goal of the Tennessee Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (TSLMS) is to promote patient welfare and advance the science of laser technology in the health care professions. The Society was established for the purpose of maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in the practice of laser medicine and surgery.

The pursuit of this goal by the Society is through the means of promoting an active exchange of information, encouraging research in both clinical and non-clinical fields and monitoring the use of lasers in the health professions. The Society is an amalgamation of engineers, scientists, technologists, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. In order to promote the patient welfare, the Society establishes this Code of Ethics as a standard of conduct to which each member is expected to adhere. TSLMS is committed to establishing an environment free from sexual harassment. It is against the policies of TSLMS for any member, male or female, to sexually harass another person.

Membership in the Tennessee Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery implies that the member is of good moral character and adheres to these tenets, instructions, and principles, the ultimate goal of which is to benefit the patient. Failure to uphold these tenets may subject the member to dismissal from the Tennessee Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.


PURPOSE: The Government Relations Committee develops and advocates positions on relevant issues impacting patient welfare and the practice of lasers and aesthetic medicine, and surgery.

ROLE: Committee members work with the TSLMS’s lobbyist in promoting the TSLMS mission and defending against legislation, regulations and public policy potentially threatening to the practice of lasers and aesthetic medicine, and surgery and our patients.

Government Relations Committee members will have the opportunity to work with state legislators, legislative leadership and key public policy officials to further the mission of TSLMS.


Serve as an information resource to the TSLMS lobbyist;

Provide testimony in Tennessee General Assembly committee hearings and face to face meetings with lawmakers and other public policy officials;

Contact state legislators and policy officials by phone or email to advocate for TSLMS’s interest;

Identify supportive key lawmakers for campaign contributions; and attend fundraising events;

Engage medical and other healthcare professionals in the practice of lasers and aesthetic medicine, and surgery to join TSLMS

For questions, contact Karen Dennis or call 781-793-0088.

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